North Cowton Tar & Chip

What Is Tar & Chip?

Tar and chip (also known as chip & seal, or seal chip) is an excellent economical choice for resurfacing a road surface in North Cowton.

How Is Our North Cowton Tar & Chip Made?

Tar & chip surfaces are created in North Cowton by applying a resin to the designated surface, then applying an aggregate made up of hundreds of stones, including granite and natural gravel. In some cases, tar & chip can be laid over existing surfaces such as concrete or tarmac, enabling its installation to be faster and cheaper than other methods available in North Cowton.

The Advantages Of Using Tar & Chip for North Cowton Roads

The rough surface of tar and chip means it’s excellent at providing grip when the roads in North Cowton are wet or snow-covered. It’s also more durable than a traditional gravel finish.

But, should any cracks appear, the nature of the resin allows it to self-heal. This leaves you with a long lasting North Cowton tar & chip surface that is exceptionally low maintenance.

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